V1.1 For organisations and volunteers 30th Jan 24  

New features release:

- Upload of BHO opportunities
- Separated the 'sports' tag from 'arts and culture' for better categorization.
- Fixed the "loading more" feature to ensure all activities are displayed while the user scrolls down the page.
- Introduced a shimmer effect as a loading indicator when opportunities are loading. This helps to prevent users from thinking there are no activities available to book.
- We added a notification to alert leaders that only participants who were part of the team during the application will be participants in the team event
- Add a lock to ensure that all new volunteers must accept the platform's terms of use
-Update the invitation links. This includes recognizing if an invite has already been accepted and only showing the terms in the partner invite if the inviting organisation has its own terms of service.

In progress

For organisations

Bulk upload of DOIT legacy opportunities
Permissions update so that you can set permissions on different types of activities  
Org owned apps
Invite someone to a team event who is not yet a member
Assemble integration
Be collective integration  

For volunteers: 
In app experience and search improvements
Network matching

V1. Launched Beta platform 22nd Jan

Custom invite links
Activity creation
Member invitations
Invite multiple admins
One event, multiple dates and places