Give your employees the benefit of volunteering

Build employee wellbeing and strengthen company culture

1. The employee wallet for doing good

Simple, and easy to use, the best opportunities deliverd to the inbox of your employees

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Connect with giving apps

Staff can choose the causes they care about, when and where they would like to volunteer and what type of activity they are interested in - we do the rest.

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Personalised recommendations

Employees receive tailored recommendations for volunteer opportunities directly into their inbox. Or, they can search on their terms whenever they want to.

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Log activity

The "Log Activity" feature enables employees to register their various charitable activities, be it ongoing initiatives, specific actions, or events attended.

2. Connect with your favourite giving apps or create your own

Customise your volunteering programme to your needs. The "My Apps" section serves as a gateway for employees to access and engage with a suite of applications tailored to their volunteering journey. 

Corporates can craft these apps in-house, showcasing their private initiatives and collaborations with charitable partners. Additionally, there's the flexibility to activate pre-existing apps, such as "Big Help Out," broadening the spectrum of volunteer opportunities available

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Big Help Out

The Big Help Out is a voluntary initiative supported by some of the UK’s biggest volunteer organisations, including the Scouts and the Royal Voluntary Service, as well as the Shaping the Future with Volunteering group of the UK’s leading volunteer-involving charities.

Do IT Volunteering

The UK's national digital volunteer matching service connecting people who want to volunteer across the country.

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Micro Actions

Social impact purpose actions based on your values and needs with micro volunteering across every cause area

3. Book Team events

Empower your corporate teams with our tailored events, offering a unique blend of collaboration and engagement; whether you're creating a custom event or booking an existing one, enjoy streamlined team creation and messaging, ensuring every member stays informed and inspired!

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Create your team

Create a team and invite your
colleagues to it! Add their email and send them a link to invite them in

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Book your team  

Find a relavent team event for the size of your team and on the date required. Book your team on the event, set the amount of team members and recieve confirmation of the event

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Message the charity ahead of the event to checkin and get alerts and updates about the event via messaging and keep your team informed of any changes

4. Get real time data and Insights

For corporate administrators, this dashboard offers a holistic and dynamic view of the company's philanthropic pulse, allowing for swift decision-making, recognition of high-engagement teams or individuals, and immediate response to any arising needs.

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Real time dashboards

Thee "Insight Dashboard" visualizes real-time data on volunteer activities, application usage, and overall employee engagement. Packed with interactive charts, and trend lines, this dashboard transforms raw data into actionable insights for more informed decision-making.

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From personalised volunteer reporting to company-wide, real-time reports, show how your volunteer programme is building employee engagement and pride.

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Download in easy to use formats

See results and share your collective impact. Access reporting that will help showcase the impact on your communities and your business and download in an easy to use format.

Turn Social Impact Into Business Impact.